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Flat Sawing

Flat saws, sometimes called “floor saws”, are specifically designed to make precise cuts where only a portion of the slab is to be removed. Utilizing diamond blades from 12” - 60” diameter, we routinely cut up to 27” depth slabs. Deeper cuts are available upon request.

  • Slabs on grade
  • Structural openings
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Plumbing and electrical trenches
  • Bridge deck demolition
  • Asphalt paving
  • Road repairs
  • Control joints

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Wall Sawing

Wall saws, sometimes called “Track saws”, are most often used to cut door, window, and duct openings. Guided by a rigid track, these saws make clean, precise cuts in reinforced concrete and masonry construction, without the structural damage normally associated with jackhammering.

  • Door and window openings
  • Duct openings
  • Confined spaces
  • Flush cuts to floors and walls
  • Upside-down cuts
  • Horizontal curb cuts
  • Remote control
  • Nuclear demolition

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Core Drilling

Where a round hole is required, core drilling is the answer. At Cuts Inc., we can presently drill holes up to 43” diameter, and drill depth almost unlimited. Our self-sufficient trucks come with power and water.


  • Plumbing and electrical holes
  • Bumper posts and handrails
  • Water and waste water treatment penetrations
  • Sewer cores and boots
  • Access holes
  • Weep holes
  • Test cores
  • Anchor bolt holes
  • Thick concrete demolition

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Wire Sawing

Wire saws utilize diamond-segmented wire to cut through thick concrete walls, floors, and foundations. First used by the mining industry to extract large sections of natural stone, it has become very useful in the concrete demolition industry. The diamond wire is also used to cut structures made of steel, stainless, brass, and copper.


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Plant Outages

Plant outages or “shut-downs” can be extremely costly for the owner. At Cuts Inc., we understand this and have been very successful working with some of the Southeast’s largest manufacturing facilities. We offer thorough pre-job planning with many innovative ideas and equipment to expedite your demolition needs. You can trust Cuts Inc. to provide the planning, equipment, and manpower to bring your demolition project in on time and under budget.



Wall Crushing

At Cuts Inc., our electric over hydraulic breaking and crushing systems allow operators to quickly demolish concrete structures with zero emissions. This small but powerful robot will fit through a 32” doorway yet outperforms conventional breakers twice it’s size.

Attach the crusher and we can demolish walls, beams, and columns, with little to no noise or vibration.



Curb Cutting

Curb cutting is the quick, cost-effective answer for new driveway entrances. It’s faster and less costly than forming and pouring a new curb, and it drastically reduces lane closure time. Curbs can be cut from the front or back side and with angled cuts at either end.




Floor Grinding

Diamond floor grinding reduces trip hazards due to unlevel floor and walk surfaces. It’s one of the best investments facility owners can make to reduce workers' compensation and insurance costs.

Floor grinding is also used for removing grout, epoxies, and glue prior to installation of new floor coverings.



Fume Free Excavating & Removal

With the power of 480v 3-phase electric, Cuts Inc. can quickly dig indoor trenches with our remote- control electric excavator. It can dig to a depth of 4’ with your choice of a 12” or 20” bucket, and less than 32” wide, it will fit through most door openings.

If desired, Cuts Inc. can remove your cutting/drilling debris to the side of your work area or completely off-site. We utilize and provide hand trucks, skid steers, dump trucks, dumpsters, and of course manpower to leave your job-site as clean as you specify.

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Early Entry Joints & Decorative Sawing

“Control joints” are cut to control the random cracking that occurs while concrete is curing. Control joints are typically cut 1/4 to 1/3 the depth of the slab. We offer both wet-cut joints that are cut within a 24-hour period and “Soff-Cut”, or early entry joints, that are cut as soon as you can walk on the slab.

We also offer decorative joints in cured concrete.


Hand Saw & Chainsaw Work

Handheld gas, electric, and hydraulic, saws are ideal choices for those hard-to-reach areas.

Diamond chainsaws are great for cutting duct openings in block, brick, and reinforced concrete without over-cuts.

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